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Batibouw Design Award 2010


Rebath: a strong idea with a revolutionary technique.

Now in Europe: the world's greatest bathroom renovation concept!

After 31 years and more than 2,000,000 installed bathrooms, Rebath finally comes to Europe. Negotiations with a number of potential candidates lasted for more than one year, as Rebath America was looking for the best partner to launch their unique product on the European market.

Finally, the Master Franchise License for Benelux, Europe and North-Africa was granted to Rebath Europe, a Belgian company taking care of the Rebath concept for Europe in an autonomic way.

The succesduo behind Rebath Europe is mrs. Seka Dobric and mr. Christian Lemable.

They have already earned their spurs in the construction sector, more particularly in moisture control, isolation and ventilation techniques.

Batibouw (25/02/2010 - 07/03/2010)